ARTivist is on Hiatus but will return...

So, you may have noticed I haven't done anything with ARTivist in over a year.  Life has been crazy.  Full, exciting, full of major changes and new challenges, but at the end of the day, just plain nuts.  So, ARTivist has taken a backseat.  I am still percolating ideas and looking forward to having the time to work on it again, but in the short term I have to get my feet on the ground as a freelancer, and then I can start the activist work again.  Stay tuned, I'll definitely be blasting new material all over the web as soon as I can.  

ARTivist Episode 1: The Body Politic

ARTivist Episode 1:  The Body Politic

Hello, and welcome to ARTivist.  This is our very first episode, and we're focusing on a world premiere opera called The Body Politic.  Written by Leo Hurley and Charles Osborne, and produced by the Juventas New Music Ensemble, it tells the story of Iphis, who is both a young trans man, and an Afghani immigrant to the american south.

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