Discover your voice, Feed your soul, Know yourself. 

Like most classically trained singers, I offer voice lessons.  In my studio you will explore the full range of your speaking and singing voice.  I work with all ages and skill levels, and find great joy in sharing what I have learned over almost a decade of studying the voice.  I love to teach all different styles, though any style starts from a basis of healthy knowledge of the vocal mechanism, and comprehensive breath training.  I keep things light hearted and fun, and it is always my goal that you walk out of your lesson with a smile on your face. 

I truly believe that singing helps us communicate.  Knowing how to use your full voice will help you gain confidence and increase your ability to be heard.  Whether you want to pursue music professionally, or just want to get better at the karaoke bar, together we will discover YOUR best joyful noise. 

Rates and availability: 

Currently I teach out of the Wholetone Music Academy on Highland avenue in Somerville, MA.  I have availability there on weekdays in the afternoon, and on Sundays after 2:30.  Rates are $70.00 for an hour, $60.00 for 45 minutes, and $50.00 for a half hour.  I offer trial lessons for half the regular rate, so come on in and let's get singing!

For inquiries, you can reach me directly at the contact link to the right.